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Pay attention to your gut health. It could be the key to ageing well | health

Chinese and Canadian researchers have found evidence to suggest that a healthy gut could be linked to healthy ageing. Carried out by researchers from Ontario’s Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute as well as from Tianyi Health Science Institute in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, the research is one of the largest microbiota studies conducted in humans, looking at a cohort ...

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World Alzheimer’s Day 2017: How exercise, diet and hobbies can help stave off dementia | fitness

September marks World Alzheimer’s Month with September 21 dedicated to World Alzheimer’s Day. The condition is the most common form of dementia. We round up some of the recent research which suggests science-backed ways to try and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and age healthier: Those who stay socially active later in life report higher levels of well-being. (Shutterstock) ...

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Want to exercise but can’t find the time? Here’s how to make it a part of your routine | fitness

Most of us know how important getting enough exercise is, but with the fast pace of modern life, everyday responsibilities can sometimes get in the way. For those struggling to find the time to fit in a workout Dr Irvin Sulapas, assistant professor of family and community medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, has some expert advice. “I always tell ...

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